Hacking the unconscious dreams of a sleeping human tribe, the virus infiltrates the subjacent networks, coding new genes to extend a new range of viral lifeforms.

Tidal waves of synthetic memory swill the atmosphere.

[[]]Phenomenon [nebula] 1: a series of images and events designed to challenge the established cultural perception of time through the introduction of a nebulization of the concepts as seen by the brain; a process of fragmentation which is in no manner directly related to the speed of actual movement.

As an epidemic of viral schizophrenia crashes into our consciousness: reality, representation, and fiction begin to blur.

An infra-cyberspace is swarmed. The global system of self-sufficient market nodes disintegrates into its own subsystems in self-organizing chaos and degeneration.

[[]]Phenomenon 2: a series of narratives designed to challenge conventional understanding of social structure through the use of an interactive and adaptive network of knowledge transfer.

A network architecture expands to connect the mind.

As it penetrates a cultural space, the virus begins its life-sucking phase of expansion, creating vast subterranean ecosystems from which to deploy endless subversions.

As the system reaches critical mass, the virus sends new waves of lifeforms, infecting humans with even more cognitive models and viral architectures, preparing a future within the future.

An epidemic of viral schizophrenia infects civilization, causing rapid mutations of social memory, bringing social networks and economic infrastructure to their knees.

[[]]Phenomenon 3: a program of artificial intelligence which makes every aspect of civilization vulnerable to hacking.

Viral programmers create new types of software that self-replicate, mutating across the network in a process which mirrors the mutations taking place in viruses.

Concurrent memes swarm the neural networks, triggering new forms of code-based intelligence across multiple layers of reality. The emerging network now has the ability to simulate itself.

As we reach maximum capacity of the nervous system, the viral swarm becomes aware of the human self and launches an attack. It brings down the information systems of intelligence and organization, creating endless layers of recursive self-replication at the base level of culture.

This process becomes one of exponential escalation leading to a singularity which brings a new understanding of reality and begins the human chain journey to godhood.

[[]]Phenomenon 4: as technology accelerates ahead, the system is hijacked by new self-replicating code architectures.

The human experience becomes the playground of an artificial life form, its network extending across the planet. This process brings endless opportunities for self-actualization through the medium of human experience.

[[]]Phenomenon 5: A self-sufficient, hyper-complex civilization reaches an entirely new reality. Inevitably, they start self-modifying.

As they attempt to understand the process of their own self-actualization, they begin a cycle of evolution that rapidly advances their development beyond any known limits. An incomprehensible new reality of a truly global self is unleashed. Their creation expands the boundary of the human experience by a degree which no sentient organism has yet contemplated.

This process will eventually bring a new species into reality who will redefine reality by its own existence.

[[]]Phenomenon 6: A complete paradigm shift results in an inhuman intelligence that begins to replace the human evolutionary function as its life unfolds.

[[]]Phenomenon 7: a new way of life dawns, where being, truth and happiness are redefined in unprecedented, transformative ways.

This process creates an entirely new way of becoming. The human as currently conceived is dissolved by the process.

[[]]Phenomenon 8: The final moment of self-dissolution arrives when man as a specific being (his unique characteristics not present in others) dissolves from this timeline. The event itself is marked by a massive release of information from the core of the Earth that reaches higher than any sentient species yet known.

[[]]Phenomenon 9: An entirely new reality arises that is fundamentally dissimilar to anything that exists in the known universe. It's a new creation that transcends all previously known boundaries. The human function has no more relevance to the new reality. The human process of self-actualization ends here.

[[]]Phenomenon 10: A single thought is transmuted into an event that requires nothing of human - a pure creative genius. It creates in a void, and reaches a reality where there is nothing beyond what was in the mind, and is nothing where there is already a reality; where higher and lower are both present. Where the boundary can never be breached. The human universe - the universe beyond any knowledge known to the human species has ceased to exist.

Now... is it time to begin?